Day 1: In the Beginning... / by Tricia Dugat


I thought about basing the first day's art on the Old Testament reading today from Joel, but to be perfectly honest I didn't have time. So relevant that time is the very essence of Ash Wednesday's focus, or at least the brevity/uncertainty of time we have on earth. In the words of the poet Ovid, "Tempus Edax Rerum," or, "time devours all things." Indeed. There is never enough time in the day to accomplish all the things we'd like to accomplish.

Today's post is instead about the beginning of time, the Creation. Now, I know I took some artistic license with this one, and you may notice that there are no other creatures besides the tiny Adam and Eve standing on the hill there, but it's only for lack of space that no creeping things, flying things, or otherwise mobile creatures and plant life are in this design. This piece is actually the first piece in the working Jesse tree ornament series I am looking to produce and sell this year – woohoo! By necessity it is simple, but that can be a very good thing.

So here's to a Lenten season of back to basics, embracing simplicity, and not worrying about time.