It never hurts to hear this stuff more than once / by Nathan Dugat

Okay, this blog post is probably like many you've already read. But maybe, just maybe, additional reflection might yield new insights. After all, that's why we all keep reading productivity blogs! Here are just a couple ideas to keep you on the path of productivity:


Take the time to read those manuals and hunt through menus

I'm always on the prowl for new stuff that can help me make music. The reality is, I sometimes really just like to buy stuff instead of make music, which is no bueno. Often I find that I'm barely scratching the surface of what I already own, and my current selection of programs have tools that will do the same things that a shiny new tool promises to deliver.

Move and label some stuff  

I try to keep the tidiest workspace possible. Unfortunately, the clean and organized aesthetic is sometimes acheived at the expense of productivity – 'sure, these cables would be really handy right within reach, but they make it look so cluttered...'  Likewise, I sometimes like it to seem like I'm driving a starship when I make music, with a set of labelless flight controls that only I am smart enough to grasp.  Truth is, I forget what those buttons I have taken all the time to set up even do, and therefore I stop using them. For shame! Just embrace a little clutter when your productivity can reap rewards from it.

Get rid of those small annoyances

Even when doing so takes a bit of time. It's an investment in your productive future. And I'm sure that something exists in your workspace that drives you crazy. For me, it was the rug underneath my desk and stands. I had a lot of stuff on top of the rug, +but unfortunately, when I placed the rug, it was slightly too far forward, so the back legs of my rolling chair hang up in it. All. Of. The. Time. I didn't do anything about it because of the time that it would take me to move everything and fix the problem. But the reality is, being comfortable moving around helps me keep focus (and likely frees up my mind to find other things to fix that were pestering me that I didn't realize before because I was so mad at the *&^$# rug!

Break up your time into differing segments

I put aside special days just to run updates on all the software I have, and to perform maintenance tasks on the computer. Other days might just be spent creating new sounds on my synths (or reading a manual – one of those manuals once thown aside).  And then there are those days where I actually sit down to write a song.  I find that, when I break these tasks into different days, my logical and creative processes are able to be more fully satisfied.

I'm sure you have some tips that have worked for you too – I'd love to hear them in the comments below!